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Football Coaching & Fitness Program

Certified Coach

Our professionally certified football coach help in grouping the individuals, monitoring their game and improve football skills. Weekly 4 hours of football coaching sessions are included in the program.

Fitness & Weight Loss

Develop your fitness and lose weight through fun-filled drills & workout activities in the Daily Game program. The session includes warm-ups, technical drills, fitness workouts and cooldown stretches.

Daily 1hr Game

Play your favorite sport on a regular basis. We get together a team of like minded individuals who want to play football but not holding a team of friends to share the turf cost. Perform daily 1 hour of football match practice.

Injury Management

Sports injury management is a specialized area of physiotherapy. Our experts accurately diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries, using the extensive knowledge in sports and help to minimize damage to a muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint

No Age Limit - Fair Play

Coaching for both Kids & Adults. Its our responsibility to map the players to different teams according to their skills and expertise in the game. This help in making balanced teams and generate healthy competition.

Football Coaching for Kids

Only COVID vaccinated members are allowed to join the program (Children Exempted) - keeping the safety of customers on priority.

Our staffs and coaches are fully vaccinated. Get your vaccination done to join us.

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